Energy & Environment

Energy Management Company uk

Ever conscious of the need to address energy conservation we keep the subject at the top of our agenda, from our bespoke design through to on-going monitoring. With the average lifespan of a new building exceeding 25 years, the need to design sustainable, low carbon emitting, flexible buildings is more important than ever.


Throughout the period of a maintenance contact our management and support teams will continuously work alongside site representatives to ensure excellent environmental conditions are upheld throughout the premises whilst energy spend is maintained within budget.


The Concord team combines the skills and resources of traditionally separate businesses into a unique organisation to create green, energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions for the commercial property and data centre markets.

Our open standards approach allow our clients to benefit from a broad spectrum of products from a variety of suppliers to suit their specific needs.This helps ensure that all systems including safety and security are able to be successfully integrated in an effective, robust and reliable single system.

Concord provide the following: 

  • Loop tuning
  • Optimiser tuning
  • Variable speed drives
  • Energy audits
  • Energy alarm monitoring
  • Automatic monitoring & targeting (Trend energy EYE / Trend energy manager)

For more information on how we can help significantly improve your energy efficiency and environmental impact, please get in touch.